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The Mindful Many

Restore humanity online.

Offline, we live in the land of the free, the home of the brave. We spend our days living with the freedom to choose a better life and to control our own destinies.

However, online your freedom is an illusion. U.S. Internet policies have taken away online: our safety, in not protecting us from out-of-control cybercrime; our freedoms in losing our rights, recourse, and access to justice; and our privacy in losing control of our identity, humanity, and value.

We exist to restore Constitutional accountability to the Internet to get your freedoms and rights back, and to shield everyday Americans from being exploited by cybercrime, Internet injustice, and Internet inhumanity.

You deserve to be protected the same way online as you are protected offline. 

You are funding the first real public accountability to Wild West internet policy in 25 years.

With your dollars, we’re able to create the first holistic accelerator of the internet accountability movement.

How? Your financial advocacy will help fund a team, coalition, and movement that can spark public accountability to ensure policymakers do ongoing reviews, oversight, and updates of out-of-control, 1996 internet policies.

But creating public accountability requires loyal resources.

We are uniquely positioned to drive the impact of your dollars and deliver broader, faster major change together than the current effort can fragmented.

Your dollar goes further here because we are the only entity coalescing the problem and solution holistically, to universally shield everyday Americans from most cyber threats and Internet problems that endanger Americans.

However, we can’t accelerate real public accountability here without your generosity and financial advocacy.

Thank you for being a mindful donor!