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Cleland, Scott – Restore Us Institute

Scott Cleland of Restore Us Institute interviewed by Bob Crittenden of Faith Radio on 12-23-22 on concerns Christians should have about the dangers of Internet policy and design, to religion and Christianity and what can be done about it.

School ransomware attacks prompt calls to restore internet accountability

December 5, 2022 | The Center Square

Scott Cleland explains how Internet policy and design enable and empower cyberattacks and cybercrime.

‘Anarchy on Autopilot’: Millennial Americans Lose Biblical Worldview, Here’s Why

December 1, 2022 | CBN News

Christian pollster George Barna recently found that only four percent of American millennials hold a biblical worldview. So, why are so many young American adults abandoning the Judeo-Christian faith? On this week’s episode of The Global Lane on the CBN Newschannel, Restore Us Institute Executive Director Scott Cleland places the blame on social media and big tech.