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Who We Are

Unique Value

Policy Solution: Fully restore U.S. Constitutional accountability over the U.S. Internet. Only reasonable, universal, duty-based, solution that most can support and defend. 

Research Solution: Innovative MacroInternetic Research and Help-Harm Analysis. Can document problem’s cause-effects, scale/scope, and justify practical solutions.

Education Solution: Public scrutiny can expose the fabled ‘emperor has no clothes’ here. Government/Public unaware of indefensible problem/cause & defensible solution.

Coalition Solution: Coalesce around common universal problem, solution, & standards. Internet accountability advocates are stronger together and all need critical mass.

Solution Set Inspiration: is MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s 501c3 model. Pioneered public accountability via research, education, and coalition-building.

Universal Accountability Standards

Westphalian Equal State Sovereignty

U.S. Declaration of Independence

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Bill of Rights

U.S. Rule-of-Law

U.S. Civil Law Precedents

U.S. Duty of Care

U.S. Government Oath of Office

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Golden Rule/Moral-Ethic of Reciprocity